Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Doing Something Different

I did something strange today. Well, at least strange for me. I read the sports section of the newspaper. I've never been a huge sports fan. I generally let others tell me what's happening in the world of sports with our local pro sports teams, but lately, I've been following the St Louis Cardinals very closely. I've always liked the Cardinals. I enjoy going to the games, though I rarely do. I've always rooted for them to win, but hadn't closely paid attention to them unless they were in a championship series. At that point I would become glued to the t.v. or computer to keep up with the Red Birds. This season, however, I have changed. I have become a Cardinals fanatic. I can't always watch the games, or keep tabs on them, but I never miss the highlights that mlb.com has. I've watched the emergence of Matt Carpenter and Allen Craig who are 2 of the 6 Birds in the All Star game. I have groaned with the fans when Mitchell Boggs went from great closer to being traded after not performing, and watched the rise of the Chief: Edward Mujica. I even made it a point to go to a game this year (it had been 5 years since I had been to a game mainly because I won't go alone). I got tickets for my father and I to go to Christian Day at the Ball Park on July 7th and we both had a blast. I loved watching our guys play, and win, against the Marlins. I even got to get some decent pictures of some of my favorite players. The more I watch the Red Birds, and the more I learn about the players, the more respect I have for not only the guys, but the organization in general. They are a group of men who give back to the community. They love this city and love to play for us. There is even a strong Christian presence on the team from the up and coming players such as Trevor Rosenthal to the ace pitcher Adam Wainwright to the manager himself Mike Matheny. There have been many ups and downs with this club. There has also been some speculation in the past that they wouldn't be as great of a club with loosing two key people. One thing that I have learned from them is to never count them out until the game is over. I saw that last year after Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa left the team. A lot of people thought we wouldn't get as far as we did with out them.
Yes, I am a Cardinals fan. I love my team, I respect the guys, but most of all I have learned some life lessons from them: don't be ashamed of who I am and never give up.