Sunday, June 30, 2013

I am Aunt Jojo

Taped to the top of my desk at home I have a picture my nephew drew me. My sister has 5 kids, 2 daughters and 3 sons. They are always making pictures and drawing scenes for my parents, but rarely do they do that for me. My 6 year old nephew and my 7 year old niece do though. I came home from work one day to a picture in my recliner and a strong recommendation from my mother to let my nephew know that Aunt Jojo did indeed received his picture. Apparently he was afraid that I wouldn't get it and told my mother several times to make sure she gave it to me. I taped it to my desk so that every time I look at my desk (which is a lot) I am reminded that though I am not Nana, Bupbup (my father) or my nephew's parents I am still special to this special little boy. Every time I look at it I smile and know that I am loved by a child- not just him though, all of his siblings. I just don't get the pictures that my parents do. I do, however, have 4 children run at me full speed when they see me. The youngest is not yet at the age where he can do that with all the others. I am reminded every time I look at not only this picture, but one his sister gave me, that they love having me around. This is a different type of love, a special love, between an aunt and her nieces and nephews. I have a special bond with all of them, though my 7 year old niece is attached to my hip when I'm around. I love this reminder I have from my nephew. It helps to ward off my "woe is me" moments when I want to feel sorry for myself that I am not a wife and mother. I am something different and unique. I am Aunt Jojo.

"I love you Jojo you are very special to me I love Jojo"